Our people here at Earthship Seattle are busy bees. We’re working on promoting and coordinating the upcoming Earthship Seminar in Seattle with Mike Reynolds on September 20, 21, 22. We’re also distributing flyers, contacting local media to inspire them to do stories on Earthships, designing posters and t-shirts, running movie screenings and meetings, and we are about to build a WOM (Water Organization Module), as well as gathering information on building permits, etc.


In the midst of all of this I want to take time to announce two exciting events for the Seminar in Seattle:


1) We WILL have a tire pounding station where people will be shown how to pound a tire and will get a chance to try by themselves. It’s always very hard at first, but it becomes easier and fun with more practice!

2) We have secured our first local speaker (for Sunday morning 9:30am to 10am) Jenny Pell, the permaculture guru who designed the Beacon Food Forest which is the largest public food forest in the U.S.


Jenny’s bio:

Former tree planter, helicopter pilot, carpenter, and yurt builder, Jenny stays busy managing her growing full-service design/build company Permaculture Now!. Based out of Seattle, WA, Jenny divides her time between the Pacific NW and Maui, with larger ventures overseas. Projects include everything from urban permaculture homesteads to larger properties integrating diversified perennial agriculture, with an increasing focus on policy work related to urban food security. Every project is designed with “social permaculture”, community, and resilient interdependent local economy at its heart.

Her slideshows and engaging presentations inform, inspire, and empower people to learn the skills they need to make changes that help move us towards a resilient and thrive-able future. Jenny’s skill sets and experience are rich – she willingly shares her knowledge with equal measures of bold reality, humor and humbleness. She will infect you with her tireless optimism and inspire you to jump in with both feet to heal yourself, your community, and your planet at the same time.


Stay tuned for an announcement about our second local speaker and other events taking place around the Seminar!

We are very much looking forward to connecting with new Earthship enthusiasts during the Seminar! And we’re welcoming any new volunteers who want to start working with us as early as RIGHT NOW.


Connect with us on:

– Facebook.com/EarthshipSeattle

– Meetup.com/Earthship-Seattle

– www.EarthshipSeattle.org

– contact@earthshipseattle.org



Earthship Seattle’s projects:

#1 Awareness: promote Earthships in the greater Seattle area

#2 Knowledge: gather information for anyone willing to build their Earthship in Washington state

#3 Demonstration: build a demonstration Earthship in Seattle for the public to see and experience

#4 Community: facilitate the creation of a free, healthy, and happy Earthship Eco-Village