Build Workshop Australia – November 2013

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Hello there one and all! Terraeden Biotecture is putting on another start to finish build workshop down here in dusty Australia. This time we are doing a small scale, Earthship inspired studio build. Perfect for those of you who are new to biotecture and want to learn how to build something that is achievable on a small scale with a small budget. You will get practical experience in biotecture skills such as building with natural and recycled materials as well as thermal/solar heating and cooling. On top of that, there will be onsite lectures covering:

renewable energy

harvesting and reusing rainwater

onsite sewerage treatment

food production

design analysis



soil science


and much more


There will also be designated days where the group will go offsite for various mystery activities. Breakfast and lunch will be provided and campground facilities will be available.


Workshop Details:


Where – Northern rivers, New South Wales, Australia

When – November 2nd – 17th

Who – you

How much? – $500

if you have any dietary requirements or any other questions, please include them with your application. Remember, as far as the application questions go, there are no right or wrong answers. Just answer them as truthfully as you can. We tend to get a high amount of applications through, so if you dont make it this time, we can keep your application for next time if you so wish. Look forward to hearing from you!


For those of you interested in attending please send the following application questions to


Otherwise feel free to contact us with any questions at


Many Thanks,

Terraeden Biotecture






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