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Earthship Australia AGM – August 14th, 2013 Melbourne

Coming up is our first AGM after completing our successful transition from community organisation to independent Incorporated Association.

Please come along if you would like to become a member and take part in the discussion surrounding the future of Earthship Australia as a community organisation driven to

“foster and build upon sustainable and alternative
construction based on the designs of Architect Michael Reynolds. EA will work
along side local council to help create sites for up-skilling and education to help
qualify the alternative architectural approach inherent in Earthship design.EA
wishes to empower local community to connect through hands on experience
that involves citizens, industry and government.”

At the AGM, positions will be sworn in, a membership system established, suitable sites for future meetings and projects discussed and objectives for 2013/2014 will be proposed. Please feel free to attend if you wish to be a part of the formal organisational system of Earthship Australia. Non attendance obviously does not exclude future members from fully participating in upcoming events, workshops or developing sideline projects in other states. We welcome all input from those interested in joining the movement, especially those with marketing, communication, grant writing, community development, promotions experience or professional interest from the sustainable building industry. For organisational purposes this group needed to be established in one state but our vision is to operate across Australia developing and fulfilling the need and desire for alternative sustainable housing to become a reality through Earthship design principles.

The AGM will be held at CERES Environment Park Eco-House
Wednesday 14th August

The Eco-house is not the same venue as the past meetings, it is about 25m on the right down the driveway of the schools entrance at Lee St, Brunswick East.

Feel free to contact with queries



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