“Earthship Seattle” was born in early Fall 2012 and quickly became a tight group of dedicated volunteers who see Earthships as one of the best solutions for the future to help people be resilient and free without harming the planet.
Plus, the bottle walls are pretty!

We have had some meetings and movie screenings, are connecting with people in all walks of life (from schoolchildren to politicians), and drafted a plan to help bring Earthships to Seattle.


This initial plan rallied quite a few people and the “connect” part of the plan is working well. As of Spring 2013 we still don’t have a build, but I suspect that some builds will start, if not this year, by Spring 2014.

There is still a lot of work for us in figuring out all the details about permitting, and we also need to figure out what in an Earthship needs to be adapted to our local climate and how. One problem = many solutions.
Later on in 2012, we also articulated our main projects, visions, dreams, goals, purposes…


1- Promote Earthships

99% of the population here doesn’t know anything about Earthships, but once they understand what it is, most people want one.


2- Offer database of resources

By studying Earthships and adapting the concept to Rain City, we’ll be a resource for Washingtonians who want to understand how to:

  • build in the NW;
  • get in touch with builders and/or Academy graduates;
  • get help through the permitting process;
  • find materials and labor.


3- Build a demonstration Earthship

The most effective way to promote Earthships in the area would be to have one in Seattle that everyone can see and experience. It could be someone’s home, a Visitor Center, some kind of B&B, or a combination of everything…with pretty bottle walls. By chance, I recently had a quick chat with both the Seattle Mayor and the WA Governor, and they both claim that they want to go as green as possible. We’re planning to reach out to both the government and wealthy investors and see what is possible.


4- Create a sustainable off-grid Eco-Village

The goal of many of our members is to live on a shared piece of land where they don’t have to rely on the economy or on the government to live happy, free, and healthy lives. How better to accomplish this ideal than by building our own Earthships in an intentional, self-sustaining community that would create its own Next Culture and be a bridge to the mainstream world?

As part of our “promotion” effort, we are very excited to announce these upcoming events:
1 June 2013: Screening of “Garbage Warrior” at the Songaia co-housing community in Bothell, WA.

2 June 2013: Field trip to an existing Earthship in eastern Washington, about 4 hours drive from Seattle.

8-9 June 2013: Booth at the Seattle Mini-Maker Faire at the Seattle Center, and raising awareness about the work our group is doing when the local TV channel King 5 interviews us the day before the Faire.

19-21 July 2013: Screening of “Garbage Warrior” at the Photosynthesis Festival in Neah Bay, WA.

16 August 2013: Screening of “Garbage Warrior” at OM culture in Wallingford.

20-22 September 2013: Earthship Seminar with Michael Reynolds at the Seattle Center.