A flock of birds all leave the ground at the same time
and rise up into the air.
They dart one way and then the other…
all in unison as if controlled by one brain.
This has to require a full awareness of the whole flock
by each individual bird.
No one bird can be self absorbed so much that it
ruins the single fluid motion of the entire flock.
This extension of awareness beyond ones own body
and into the entire flock is the key to the singular motion
of the flock as they move about in the air.
Humans do not seem to have discovered this extended awareness.
They have trouble being aware of the motions, feelings, and needs of
other humans in the room…
in the land…
in the world.
This is why humans struggle with each other and the earth.
The cannot extend their awareness to each other.
They cannot extend their awareness to the earth.
The are colliding with each other and with the earth.
The extension of awareness is the key to sustainability of humans on the earth.
Humans must move in a fluid unison with each other and with the earth.
Fluid thinking leads to fluid motion.
Fluid motion leads to fluid activity.
Fluid activity leads to confluence of all humans
and of humans and the earth.
This is what green is.
God is green.