Fluid thoughts see no conflict;
they just flow around everything.

Fluid thoughts are not crystalized;
they shape change but remain in tact.

Fluid thoughts, therefore, have no enemies.

There is no frustration with fluid thoughts as there is no challenge, no conflict, no collision, no stress.

The lack of stress results in the bearer of the thought  being more at ease, healthier and, therefore, stronger as fluid thought flows around challenge.

Fluid thought does allow, and even welcomes,  influence and direction,
but these happen without stress  to the bearer or other creatures.
This is due to the effects of fluid thinking being “soft”.

Fluid thoughts change the stress of crystallized thoughts into a constant force, like a river – a constant strength.

Fluid thoughts change stress into strength…
a presence of thought that embraces, influences and carries but does not oppress.

Those with fluid thoughts have little real stress and enjoy and promote better health and a better life and, in fact, are stronger than those with crystallized, unchangable, immovable thoughts.

Think like a river…
not a rock.
You will be happy.
Your life will be full.
Those around you will be comfortable
which will result in comfort for you.

You will be able to achieve anything.