Native peoples, plants and animals existed for many millennia without an adverse affect on the Earth’s ability to support life in general and humans in particular. These beings encountered earth phenomena for sustenance. They did not have an “economy”. They did not have “garbage”.

In the short amount of time that modern humanity has been around we have managed to have serious adverse effects on the ability of this planet to support healthy human life. This modern human economy has bred for us a thing called garbage. Are economy and garbage the ingredients that have caused modern humans to adversely effect the Earth’s ability to support a flourishing human existence?

The modern world has an ailing system that tries to sustain a monstrous and oppressive economy, an economy that is supposed to sustain the people, it doesn’t succeed. A greater world would have a system made to provide for the people…and the nourishment of the people would sustain a more insignificant economy. Sustenance means the provision of comfortable shelter, water, electricity, food and sanitation for every man, woman and child on the planet. Where as economy should not be a beast that unless it is happy and balanced the people suffer. It should not be a beast that expels mountains of garbage all over the earth. It should not be a beast that wars are fought just to feed it. Economy should be an insignificant aspect of an independently healthy and secure human existence. Economy is the result, not the means, of sustaining people.

The modern world economy produces garbage on an insane level. A greater world based on the needs of the people would transform and consume garbage. Garbage is the result of economy. Sustain the people and you will transcend economy. Transcend economy and you will transform and eliminate the very concept of garbage. Transcend economy. Transform garbage. Create a better life.
The key to having a better life for all people is found in the sustenance for all people…not just some people, but all people.