Duuvy’s East Coast talk tour

duuvy-closeAcademy graduate Duuvy Jester, with a crew of dedicated humans have successfully brought Australia’s first Earthship to waterproof and lock up stage! So now Duuvy is travelling down the east coast of Australia to share the experience through a bunch of engaging, entertaining and informative talks.

Learn all about Earthships and their application to the diverse Australian environment. Hear all about the journey of the first Earthship downunder. The workshop, the alterations in design, the usage of hempcrete, the cyclonic weather, the challenges, the realities involved in undertaking this kind of project are just some of the areas of discussion that will be covered.


Sat 23rd March – Blue Knob Market 10am (Nimbin)

Tue 9th April – ATA Telstra building 11th floor, 320 Pitt street (Sydney) 6pm

Sat 13th April – Kindlehill Steiner School (Blue Mountains)

Thur 18th April – Melbourne University 6pm

for any further enquires please feel free to email us at contact.terraeden@gmail.com

hope to see you all down there!






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