Currently Earthship Biotecture is building a 3-U Survival Pod Earthship for Romeo Apen and his family alongside of Long Way Home.  Here in Comalapa, Guatemala we have volunteers from all over the world on the job site.  Involved in the build includes members of Earthship Biotecture Sweden who are here to learn about the building techniques in order to bring the concept back home.

guatemala kris

guatemala juliana

Kristofer and Juliana represent Earthship Biotecture Sweden and have been involved for several years.  They are two partners who are in correspondence with are Transition Town Sweden and Arena Satelliten.  They currently have set up a Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone (SAFE) seminar/workshop for April 19th-21st with Mike Reynolds in Stockholm.  This event is still open for enrollment and tickets are on sale now:

The venue that has been chosen is Arena Satelliten youth center building that has been used for weekly meetings by Earthship Sweden staff.  It was sought as a place that would be easily accessible to locals, attendees and Michael Reynolds.  The venue is close to both Arlanda International Airport and Stockholm Central.

Learning about this building here in Guatemala, they will be better prepared to build a Global Model Earthships that would function as a home and then eventually an Education and Sustainability Center, where they can not only spread the knowledge about Earthships and sustainable building. The Earthship could also serve as a meeting point for people and organizations working toward more resilient communities.  Please join this event to learn more about the concepts and fundamental principles of Earthships and how they can provide affordable and sustainable living conditions.