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Philadelphia Event featuring Jonah Reynolds and Bridgette Meinhold. May 2013

A Bicentennial Town Square Event featuring Jonah Reynolds and Bridgette Meinhold
Beyond Conventional Dwellings: What Sustainable Options Exist for Challenged Communities?

May 23, 2013
5:30 Reception
6:30-8:00 Program
Event Price: Free
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (Formally: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia)
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
215 299.1000


Topic: How are Earthships Relevant to Philadelphia?

Earthships are one of the key factors to help Philadelphia become the leading city in the world for sustainable living. An example for the world to follow.

Earthships represent total independence from anything. From electrical grids going down, from water not working, from giant storms, from freezing weather. Earthships will withstand any natural disaster when conventional architecture and infrastructure is destroyed. The people will still have power, water, sewage and warmth when giant storms hit.

Earthships can be new builds or retrofit existing buildings, therefore transforming existing conventional buildings to become leading sustainable structures that gives independence to the inhabitant. Earthship construction projects can be learning opportunities, therefore transforming existing construction tradespeople to become green construction tradespeople. This is the ultimate in green jobs. City infrastructures will be alleviated for electricity, for water, for sewage treatment while maintaining the tax paying citizens without taxing the infrastructure.

Earthships can help solve the poverty problem, the homeless problem but providing super affordable, disaster resistant sustainable homes in an urban environment. Small, strong and super affordable buildings to build AND to live in. The inhabitants will not be strapped by big rent, by any utility bills. The people stuck in poverty can be provided these buildings in a situation they can EASILY afford. These people stuck in poverty can learn the cutting edge of green buildings, therefore empowering them and adding value to them so they are IN DEMAND for future retrofit and affordable housing projects in the city. They will also be in demand for retrofit and new builds in the suburban areas.

Earthships are a better financial investment. Whoever invests, private, public, cities, combinations…. Earthships provide a much higher return than conventional structures. Earthships will withstand future mega-storms, Earthship re-sale value are higher, Earthship affordable housing projects come with all their own utilities (no infrastructure required). Earthships are the ultimate in green buildings, they will keep you secure. Security these days is an issue.

Conventional floor plans, conventional looks can all be an Earthship. An Earthship can look like a conventional building, inside and out, but if built correctly, sustainably… these conventional layouts that are Earthships can be totally off the grid, 75% off the grid, etc. Even 5% off the grid is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than existing conventional boxes that are just plugged in and therefore break and are destroyed from the many mega storms lately.

What is an Earthship?
Radically Sustainable Green Buildings made with recycled materials. The Most Versatile and Economical sustainable green building design in the world. Electricity: from sun and wind. Water: from rain and snow. Sewage: Sanitary treatment on site. Heating & Cooling: from sun and earth. Comfortable in Any Climate.  Food: Grow inside and outside. Building with Natural and Recyled Materials. Earthship Biotecture is a building method based on over 40 years of research and development. Earthships can be residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Earthship Biotecture can be applied to retrofit conventional buildings.

Jonah Reynolds will be speaking at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University on May 23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more details watch



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