guatemala romeohouse3

guatemala plasticfront

The house is on its way to full enclosure and completion as the Earthship crew will be leaving Guatemala early Saturday.  With two workdays left, we are in a good place to leave Long Way Home foreman, Romeo Apen, to do the finishes to his liking on his new home.  


guatemala plastic

Plastic in place of glass windows will work, as the climate here is tropical.  6-mil plastic has been added to the whole front south face of the building that will work to help regulate the temperate of the home, along with the thermal mass of the buried backside.  The doors are also in the process of being hung.

The subfloors of the rooms in the building were leveled and then prepared with plastic as a vapor barrier and remesh.  Two of the rooms had concrete slabs poured today as well as the bathroom.  The steps leading to the bathroom and shower are being prepared and the greenhouse floor is looking at completion by Friday.

guatemala floorprep

The bottle walls are being finished and groomed to prepare for the final color coat.  The end walls are being filled with a combination of plastic, trash and glass bottles in a mortar mixture to allow for the sunlight from the east and west to fill both the bathroom and shower.

A final coat of plaster has been added to the roof of the building as well as the completion of flashing.  The slope of the roof has been formed to allow for the water that falls atop the roof to direct into the cisterns.  The end walls are being packed out and shaped to leave for Romeo to apply the final exterior color coat.

guatemala roof3

Wiring for the power system is underway and being finished in order to power the light switches as well as grey water pumps and recirculation pump for the interior grey water.  The batteries are 2 6-volt, 225-amp, deep cycle Led Acid batteries that are working in conjunction with two photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftop.   The charge controller and inverter are being installed this week to allow for the conversion to DC power within the house.

guatemala panel

The outdoor black water botanical cells have been completed with alterations creating trenching for the leach field.

guatemala blackwater2