aquaponic sytemFebruary 20. 2013, I made our first AQUAPONIC salad from lettuce, tomatoes and herbs, growing in our Aquaponic system.

This Aquapocic System was built on 9 and 10 October 2012, by James Fry, an Earthship Academy student from 2012, as his independent field study.

Follow him on, and also see our article Earthship Installs First Aquaponics System at HQ



aquaponics salad

In the beginning of November, when the system had “cycled”, I planted tomatoes, broccoli, basil, peppers, parsley and lettuce.
Our system has had to have a few system “tweaks” over the past few months, as it is in our off grid Earthship Visitors Center at Earthship Biotecture, Taos New Mexico, and has to run on DC power.

Together James and I have worked through a few hick-ups with the Visitors Center Aquaponic System, (about which I will write another article soon,) and as you can see, we are already eating from our system.

Aquaponics is a wonderful addition to our food growing endeavors in Earthships, which already include, growing vegetables in the grey water planters and suspended growing buckets, fruits in the grey water planters, mushrooms on hardwood logs inoculated with edible  and medicinal mushroom spores, chickens and eggs, and now fish and more vegetables, definitely a must for Earthship homeowners who want to grow more food, more efficiently.


aquaponics tomatoes