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The Earthship crew has completed the 3-week build that donated a home to a family in Comalapa, Guatemala for the second time around.  Working with Long Way Home, a non-profit organization in Comalapa working to build sustainable schools, we were able to raise the appropriate amount of money as well as gather volunteers and organize to allow this project to take place.   We are thankful for all who participated and donated to this project.


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The 3-U Survival Pod for Romeo Apen and his family has been enclosed with power and water systems in place.  The last two days on the job site were spent finishing the plasterwork, planting and fine-tuning the systems so that Romeo can work on his own finishes unique to his liking.

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A final Q&A session was held by Phil Basehart, the project director, which included all of our volunteers as well as the crew of Long Way Home who with the help of a volunteer translator, were able to ask about the building and the principles of Earthships.  Questions they asked were about economical benefits to Earthships, the outlaw septic system, as well as alternatives to cement.

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Black and grey water cells have been planted and seeded to house established plants that will work to clean the water as well as edible vegetables.  The cisterns were all plumbed with an overflow into the space where the pila will be located on the front face of the house.  

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A small 5-gallon water filter was put together that will allow for fresh drinking water right away.  The filter cost less that $40 that included a rock filter and two buckets with a spigot.  The water is filled on the top bucket that will slowly filter through to the underneath bucket.  The design is simple and easily can be created in any home.

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On the last day, both Maria’s and Romeo’s property underwent a mass cleanup that involved everyone onsite, packing up materials, tools and cleaning the inside of the house.

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We ended the day with a walk through of the house with Romeo and his family who expressed their gratitude and presented the whole team of workers with hand made gifts.  The key was handed over to Romeo as he was instructed more specifically about the power system in his Earthship.  Romeo’s son was happy to hang on to the keys while Romeo walked through his new home with Phil.

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Thank you again to our staff and crew, to Long Way Home, and to everyone who has donated in Taos and through our website.  Without everyone’s help and generous donations, we wouldn’t have been able to create this incredible experience.

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