guatemala bottlewall

It is the final week of construction in Comalapa and the building is moving toward finishes.
Lou and his group are working on the black water cells.  The front of the house is trenched appropriately and the septic has been piped into the botanical cells.  Today, the trenches were lined with plastic and then filled with big rock, gravel – to be filled with dirt.


guatemala blackwater

Rory worked with some of the Long Way Home crew and continued with plaster the inside of the vaults.  Bottle walls are being built up and almost complete on the south faces of each room.  They are being groomed and the bottles are constantly undergoing cleaning.  The subfloors are being leveled in each room to prepare for a concrete slab to be poured tomorrow.
Phil continued with a few groups on the roof to finish the pumice crete slab and then plastered a scratch coat.  The parapet wall was raised and sloped in order to catch and direct the water into the cisterns. 

guatemala roof2

guatemala cisterns

Last week, rebar was used to create another dome to cap the well onsite, and to create the gutter that runs from the roof and directs water into the cisterns.

guatemala rebarcap

guatemala rebargutter

Flashing is being added to the front face of the house as well as the battery box.  The wood framing is in the process of being sealed.
The power system is being hooked up.  Wires are being run throughout the building to accommodate the 2 6-volt 225 amp Led Acid batteries that will work together with the PV solar panels.  The switches for the lights and the grey water recirculation pump are in place. 

guatemala batteries

guatemala wires

Maria, who’s Earthship was built in November of 2011 on the plot above Romeo’s, is being worked on by a small group to touch up on planters, south facing plastic, cisterns and bathroom/shower finishes.

guatemala maria2