Over the course of 2 weeks, Earthship Biotecture and Long Way Home have been working on the 3-U Survival Pod Earthship for Long Way Home foreman, Romeo.  The progress has been impressive with all of the volunteers working and the crew managing its team accordingly.  Groups were broken up into ten in order to keep the process structured and efficient.  Much to report from the last update earlier this week.

The vaults have been plastered and the parapets have been built and leveled with plastic trash bottles.  With a line of people, dirt was moved to bury around the vaults in order to create the thermal mass.  Pummus was them bucketed up the line to insulate the thermal mass.

guatemala roof

The plastic layering was added and was them re-meshed to prepare for the pummus crete slab to be added today.

The framing on the front face greenhouse has been finished with decking on top.  Cardboard was added to form a vapor barrier and help insulate.  The flashing and metal work for the greenhouse has almost been completed.

guatemala framing2 guatemala canwall

The gradient for the front of the house was completed, sloping about 1-inch per every 4 feet in order to ensure that rainwater will be directed away from the house.  After 18ft, terracing was done in the hillside to help control erosion from rainwater.  Trenches were then dug out for the cooling tubes to extend outward from the house.  

The indoor greywater botanical cells are ready to be planted.  They have been lined with a layering of rock, gravel and dirt with the appropriate plumbing in place.   

The bottle walls are continuing to rise and decorative finishes added to Romeo’s liking.  

guatemala bottles2

guatemala bottlesun