Earthship Guatemala Lunch

Continue with cementing the vault and creating the parapet behind the house.  Can walls are going up and trash and glass bottle walls are being formed .  The framing of the south facing windows is about half way completed.  The structure is beginning to be enclosed and looking more and more like a home every day.  


guatemala structure2

guatemala septic

Early this morning, the children from Tecnico Maya, Long Way Home’s vocational school visited the jobsite to sing some songs in Kaqchikel, the local language.  They handed out drawn illustrations to the all of those on the jobsite to express their gratitude for the work that everyone is doing here.  

guatemala students

On site, we have representation from all over the world.  Two volunteers here, Juliana and Kristofer, are members of Earthship Sweden and are working with Mike Reynolds for the Stockholm workshop coming up this April.  They currently are here learning to learn and bulid a structure back to Stockholm, both a home for themselves, and a Sustainable Educational Center in Sweden.  For information about the event, please check out: