guatemala maria
Photo:  Genevieve Croker – Long Way Home – Comalapa, Guatemala

Earthship Biotecture worked with Long Way Home in November of 2011 to build Maria and her family a home.
The formula to create a sustainable building for a family is still evolving like the home itself.   The 3-U Survival Pod Earthship can currently be built in any under developed (or developed) country.   It takes about $60,000 to build.  It is about $25,000 in materials, $20,000 in modest crew labor and $15,000 for transportation costs etc.
Put together $60,000, we can build a 3-U S-Pod.  We have people (students) who are looking to work for us in exchange for learning.  The money that is raised with the tuitions is put directly back into the house and labor costs which allows us to be able to build these homes.  These are ground-up, start-to-finish builds that allow people to volunteer and see what goes into the building process.

Seventy people on-site and we have the money to construct the house and pay our employees.  While the company does not profit from these projects, the volunteers are funding the projects and receiving an education.  That makes it so that we can give a house away every time that we do it. 

guatemala romeohouse2
Image: Earthship Biotecture currently working in Comalapa, Guatemala, building Romeo Apen and his family a home below Maria’s property.

The other aspect to building the house and then giving it away is that also it has no utilities.  It is a free operating home that does not require a continuous struggle to pay month after month for electricity, heating and cooling.
There is no end to the amount of people who want to be a part of this formula.  When it all comes together it allows for us to be able to create housing for people on this planet for free.