Earthship Academy Mike WirdAcademy Session: Fall 2011

I heard about Earthships through word of mouth and then saw them featured in a video about permaculture.  I then took my family and friends decided to bring kids come to Taos in February of 2010 and we rented out the Phoenix Earthship.  I was hooked after that. 

It was cold and dry in Taos and the interior of the building was beautiful, warm, moist and functional.  I went to Visitor Center and bought all of the books and read them. I decided to enroll in the internship program as this was before the Earthship Academy was established. 

After several visits to the website in attempt to enroll in the internship, I saw the academy program. When I was accepted into the program I moved my whole family out to Taos for the duration of the academy, including my 8-month pregnant wife (who ended up giving birth in an Earthship in the Greater World Community).


It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the Academy was because all of the components of this program and movement are fascinating.  Mostly, the movement itself and the people who are involved are the best part.  The people involved don’t care what other people think about them being “crazy” – the people participating in the Earthship movement are pretty levelheaded folks.  It is a global movement and it is a practical movement. Earthship Biotecture is open-minded and is respectful of other aspects of natural building and sustainable living.

There are many memories of the Earthship Academy – one being the tour of the Earthships in the Greater World Community.  It was really interesting to see all of the different kinds of buildings in their physical unique forms.

Start-to-finish Build:

I came back to Taos Earthship HQ in the spring of 2012 (the second Academy session) to work on the Survival Pod for the duration of two months.  The start-to-finish build gives results to your experience right away.  The ground-up building is encouraging and gives a lot more strength to your knowledge and confidence to begin your independent study.

Independent Study:

There was a conglomeration of activities that were done for the independent study:
Denver, CO – created and completed a business plan to build Earthship Visitor Centers in cities to spread the idea and educate the public.

Partnered with a student from the second academy to build an earth bag home that used the systems and basic principles of Earthships in southern Colorado.

Set up a Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone (SAFE) workshop in March 2013 in Denver, CO for Mike Reynolds to come and present.

What are you plans for the future?  Do you plan on building your own house?

Definitely – That is the bottom line.  But firstly I feel the responsibility to leak evidence of this into the city – and then to be living that myself.  My personal goal is for the public to have this information and to get the Visitor Center established in Denver and I cannot rest until it is built and the city is being educated about Earthships.  After that point I will be living that goal and building for myself and for my family.

Future academy students: Bring your enthusiasm and bring an open mind try to see where this can lead – this is not a means to an end this is a direction that we are headed – It is important to see further ahead because there are so many ideas that can be sprung from the Earthship movement.   Also, be humble to the 40 years of history that stand behind Earthships.
Enjoy the big sky in Taos, and look at the stars.