Had a great day pounding tyres and throwing some mud on Sunday. Had a great team of about 12 helpers – thanks all!

Here is a photo showing the front greenhouse wall (which will eventually be bermed) which swings around 180 degrees in an arc to connect up to the western wing wall. Also installed an oversize pipe in the wall so the plumber can connect up the septic tank with some proper plumbing.

I will be speaking briefly at the Adelaide Transitions Film Festival after the screening of Earthship New Solutions movie. Details about that here http://www.transitionsfilmfestival.com/program/

Still awaiting planning approval however the “public notification” period passed uneventfully. This was required due to the planning rules on our “rural environment” zoned block of land. Basically council advertised the project via newspaper and informed the neighbours – there were no objections 🙂 We keep on rolling.