Toronto Earthship Event

michael reynoldsOn behalf of Michael and Jonah Reynolds, we would like to offer our sincerest appreciation to everyone who attended the Earthship Biotecture Seminar in Toronto. (click for details)

It took a lot of planning and logistics to make it happen there… and I heard that all of you showed up enthusiastic and excited!

Thank you Toronto, Canada!!

We would love your feedback! So please feel free to email me anytime with suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, etc…


It has helped me clarify my goals.
Just wanted to thank you for making it possible to see and hear Michael in person. It was such informative and helpful experience and it has helped me clarify my goals. Here are some of the pictures I took during the seminar. Feel free to use them to promote or in whatever way you prefer to push for a more earthship world. Please extend my humble thanks to Michael… I will be signing up for the academy for next year, until then please let me know about the NYC project or any other projects in the surrounding areas. I’m very eager to help in building and earthship soon.
Many thanks. Namaste!
–Kelvin De la Cruz


Wonderful weekend in Toronto!!!
We would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to spread the word here in Canada. Jonah was so very personable and we were sincerely grateful that he arranged for Michael to sign our books. Given that my husband is the municipal landfill site supervisor, he is “diving” into his “work” with renewed enthusiasm and appreciation. Although quite self-sufficient on our 5 acres already, we’re now confident in taking it to the next level.

It is Michael and Jonah’s enthusiasm that is infectious. We witnessed it in Toronto, and then again at home in London. We ended up with 10 people at the Palace Theatre all of whom are on-board for two-builds happening amongst us. It is truly amazing how one rebel has the power to re-charge the batteries of so many. The Earthship message was logic.. that fueled hope, a message delivered with patience, respect and humour. The result is a spreading of love and respect for Mother Earth and Humanity. This result is Earthships karma.


Our lives are forever changed.
I had mentioned this to Jonah, but because Quebec is under Napoleonic law, Mike R. must ensure that he can sign here.  Having a Canada wide architectural/engineer approval does not mean you can sign in Quebec. Just a heads up so that he can go about getting the right information and ensure that he can sign for us here in QC.
lots of love to the whole team.  Our lives are forever changed.


The weekend was so good
I went out and had my entry ticket (the one we wore around our necks) plasticized.  Michael is very funny and down-to-earth and a great speaker.  His son, Jonah, was very good too.  One of the best weekends of my life – simply because the material was honest and helpful and Earthships stand to improve the lives of others more than almost anything I can think of (apart from Enlightenment).  I am a social worker, so this part appeals to me and Michael could not have been a better presenter.  So himself, so sensitive and such a great sense of humor. Brilliant weekend.


A solution for gently being on the planet
I would like to thank-you for taking the time out to come to Toronto. I was very inspired by the seminar and Michael Reynolds himself. I think we need to live better as a species on Earth and it is very clear that Michael has devoted his life not only to building a sustainable homes but presenting an alternative value system on earth that is not based on traditional concepts of competition and scarcity which is what our current economic system is all about.

Thank-you Earthship community and Michael for giving us a solution for gently being on the planet.


this was the greatest weekend of my life~left me with the realization of what true sustainability really is and the desire for more knowledge and hands on experience~♥ the human energy fields that make up our collective here :):):)”


Just a quick note…

Just a quick note to say that my wife Virginia and I, have really been thouroughly enjoying this seminar, and that Michael has effectively ‘filled the gap’ in so many areas we have been researching on off-grid autonomy in so many ways. I work as a licensed architect in Vancouver, BC and am involved in many ‘sustainable’ or ‘LEED’ projects professionally, however it is obvious to me that much of what I am exposed to has been filtered by corporate industry.

On a personal level, we have a vision to help people, including ourselves, to promote environments that free peoples lives up, and all the information thus far has been so informative and thorough, that we will come away with so much more than we expected.

I just also wanted to let you know (and Michael) that I have over 20 years of practicing here in Canada and approx. 10 of those years in dealing with ‘stick-handling’ (to use a very canadian term) through local and municipal ‘stuff’ in BC, so that if anyone who has a vision or are interested in building ‘earthships’ in Western Canada, and might need any help in addressing issues related to local reg’s etc. (as best as I can…) I would be more than happy to connect or network with yourselves to assist on that level if that is helpful.

Just wanted to ‘throw that out there’ in case there was a need somewhere.
Otherwise, thanks again so much for all you guys have done, over the years and now being able to collect all this information and deliver to us over three days is just so amazing.

My personal email is in case you would like to stay in touch.


Eric Poxleitner


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