We constructed something amazing yesterday. Reality from a vision.

Our plans for a program of courses, an earthship workshop and an outdoor teaching space came together, meeting the amazing Rachel Goldlust’s burgeoning teaching career in biotecture, and bam!

20 odd punters turned up at our place yesterday at 9am. Bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to learn and share and build.


We had every shade of earthship enthusiast from consciously motivated permaculture newbies to savvy old builders and draftsmen and everyone pitched in in earnest and excited effort to share Rachel’s knowledge and create something beautiful from the ground up – literally.

A bracing, whirlwind busy day, joyous and stretching in measure,  both conscious and somewhat automatic, both planned and improvised, working steadily as an intelligent and adaptive group towards our final goal.

A very spiffy seating circle, which will serve us so well into the future of our course program and farmstead life.  Our maiden workshop offering laid out happy and well with 20 odd satisfied punters.

Thanks to all, feeling floored with gratitude and excitement at our farmstead space taking life. With the first course offering done and dusted – on to our exciting next cab off the ranks….

An Introduction to Permaculture course with Michele Margolis this September 15th.


Bookings open now, more flogging of this awesome next offering to follow.

Much love and appreciation to Rachel and everyone who came along and pitched in!

from http://murrindindifarm.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/earthship-workshop-done-and-dusted-yay/