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How to Build the Greywater Planters in an Earthship

Containment, Treatment & Distribution

The concept used for containment, treatment and distribution of sewage-water is based on and draws information from the wetlands concept which has long been used in exterior applications for thousands of years by humans and nature.

The Earthship sewage system differs from the wetlands approach in that it primarily treats the gray water inside the building and the sewage from the toilet outside of the building, both in smaller areas. Greywater is the used water after all receptacles except the toilet.

All household sewage is used & reused in the interior and exterior planters, called botanical cells.

Earthship greywater planter

video by Francis Gendron

Estancia, NM Earthship Build Report

For the past 6 weeks, Tim and I traveled around the West between Utah, Nevada, and California.  I am now writing this from Washington, where I study at The Evergreen State College, and Tim is still at the build site.  We are originally from Southern California, a place whose natural beauty made it easy to fall in love with nature.  Our shared interests in sustainability, Seasteading, permaculture, and “off-the-grid” lifestyles lead us to discover Earthship Biotecture.  When we found out about the opportunity to help build an Earthship in New Mexico, we jumped on it. 

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“Not only is it my first Earthship, it’s my first home” – Living in Earthships Ashton Wolfe

Recently, one of our staff members, Ashton Wolfe purchased an Earthship of her own in the Greater World Community located in the gravel pit. Closed on the 30th of August, 2012, this is not only her first Earthship, but her first house.  The house is a one bedroom, one bathroom global model Earthship that was originally built by Earthship foreman, Ron Sciarillo as a spec house (year?).  She is the first owner of this home.  Asked about her Earthship and her plans for this house, she proves to be really excited with plans to add to the Earthship in order to live as sustainably and self-contained as possible.  Ashton is ready to begin her life as a resident and member of the Greater World Community.

Global Earthship Overview

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ATLANTIS 2012: Forming the Rooftop Foundation at the Estancia, NM Earthship

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at (be sure to visit their website)

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ATLANTIS 2012: Forming the Rooftop Foundation –

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ATLANTIS 2012: Meet Charlotte Hodgson, Earthship Intern

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at (be sure to visit their website)


ATLANTIS 2012: Meet Charlotte Hodgson, Earthship Intern –

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Toronto Earthship Event Feedback

Toronto Earthship Event

michael reynoldsOn behalf of Michael and Jonah Reynolds, we would like to offer our sincerest appreciation to everyone who attended the Earthship Biotecture Seminar in Toronto. (click for details)

It took a lot of planning and logistics to make it happen there… and I heard that all of you showed up enthusiastic and excited!

Thank you Toronto, Canada!!

We would love your feedback! So please feel free to email me anytime with suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, etc…

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Estancia, New Mexico Earthship Build. 10 day report.

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at (be sure to visit their website)

To Our Global Community,

It’s been about a week and a half since our departure from New York City to Albuquerque (ABQ), New Mexico, to document the Earthship build outside of Estancia (60 miles out from ABQ) and the daily grind has been full blown since then. We have had many, many obstacles (from small to big things, like discovering we did not have warm enough attire to be sleeping in a van in below 40 degree weather – yes the desert gets freezing out here without the sun, and running out of money for gas, for example), but our spirits are bright and optimistic — besides, there’s no turning back now!

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A New Age of Greenhouse Management

earthship greenhouse greywater planterThe onset of Earthship greenhouses and their necessity as a household utility.

contributed by
Jeane Nardone, Michelle Locher & Dan Dynan
photo: Dan Dynan

Earthship structures and the developmental creation of these buildings transcend the typical practice of greenhouse management. These greenhouses fill the gap between greenhouses as a hobby and commercial greenhouses. The onset of Earthship structure transforms greenhouse management from a hobby to practicality. They have advanced themselves into a necessity in these households in order to maintain utilities. This will require a new kind of participation to keep grey water clean, the septic system healthy, to maximize your water usage and for food production. In the Greater World Community, we are constantly trying to create a better, more passive toolbox for what is needed to keep greenhouses healthy – to keep us healthy.

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Taos County agreement could supply earthship tires, save taxpayer expense

const tire work2Colin Jenkinson says he and his fellow crew members have become pretty adept at scavenging used tires for building walls on Earthships. For years, crews would scour shops or backyards looking for tires, and haul them to the Earthship community west of the Río Grande Gorge.

A pending agreement with Taos County could make getting used tires much easier, while at the same time saving taxpayers the cost of getting rid of them.

The county has proposed a contract under which the Solid Waste Department would take used tires from its collection sites and deliver them directly to the Earthship community. The goal is to reduce tipping fees at the regional landfill, and cut the time and cost of having to slit and bale tires.

“It’s ideal,” says architect Mike Reynolds, creator of the Earthship concept and founder of Earthship Biotecture.

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Travel America: Luxury rental home in New Mexico is off the map, and the grid

TAOS, NEW MEXICO—Ecotourism isn’t always as green as it claims to be. The trend has become so popular that many hoteliers are charging more buck for less bang. It can be hard to find the forest for the trees.

But the real deal can still be found. At the Greater World Community in New Mexico, you can actually find a forest inside the kitchen of a luxurious rental home.

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Earthship Phoenix

Jonah Reynolds takes the Star on a tour of a 3 bedroom earthship in Taos, New Mexico. The earthship can be rented nightly and allows guests to experience and understand what it is like to be in an off-grid home.

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