My Earthship in New Brunswick

canada wayne fowler earthship

This is a 2 story, 2000 sq/ft home being built just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick into a south sloping rock cliff. It is the first home in NB to have a structural engineered sanctioned and stamped tire wall, it is also the first house to have a collected potable rainwater and a signed off indoor grey water system from the department of heath. The home will also feature a certified composting toilet called the phoenix (


  Our climate is very cold and moist, for this reason the indoor grey water garden is designed to move water though it quickly rather than to act as a holding cell. The garden is isolated on the west side of the house, along with a bathroom, rather than across the front of the house. This will make it easy to control the humidity levels of that part of the house, whilst allowing the rest of the house to be opened up with a 2 level high ceiling and loft area. The second floor will sit about 8 feet behind the first on a secondary rock shelf that was carved out 9′ 6″ higher than the bottom platform.

  If anybody is interested in more details on the project or would like to visit the site to look or volunteer, you can email

Much love,
Wayne – Biotecture Intern.

More Canadian builds please !! Lets take over this country !!

canada wayne fowler earthship


canada wayne fowler earthship


canada wayne fowler earthship



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