Homes with Big Surprises

The specialty features of luxury homes are pretty commonplace: wine cellar, home gym, swimming pool and perhaps an equestrian stable. Yet for some of the most exclusive addresses, there are distinctive features that set them apart from the rest. reached out to its network of real estate professionals throughout the country to find some of the most compelling homes on the market listed for upwards of a million dollars — in many of the following cases, far north of a million.


The following 10 properties show a lot of different ways to party. They include a disco, 3-D projector screen, a target practice range and a once-illegal bar. They also have numerous ways to enjoy the outdoors: One features retractable walls and roof, while another has a resort-like private water park. Here is’s list of multimillion dollar homes with big surprises.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 21 August 2012

Location:Greater World, NM

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Bed(s): 3 | Bath(s): 2 | Square Footage: 5,400 | Price: $1,500,000

Before you scoff once again at the Hippie Movement, and while you were out there practicing the Yuppisim that is quickly bringing you to post-consumerism ruin, maybe it’s time to be honest and say that maybe they had something after all! Whether it was the LSD or their innate ability to see the future, the ones who persevered have been creating and fine-tuning the earthship while the rest of us have been oblivious – until now. It’s an idea for alternative living that has finally come into its own. No need to take a trip to the tropics or move to another country to save money when you can live in a sustainable tropical jungle inside your own home . . . . In New Mexico, USA!

Sunshine, orchids hanging from rocks, fruit trees and only the sound of a trickling waterfall in a home with no electric bill, organic vegetables and herbs at your fingertips and an endless supply of fresh fish at the drop of a hook. Your own Garden of Eden without the serpents! This elegant home is sure to excite the imagination of all who wish to regain control of their lives and their pocketbooks without giving up the creature comforts we’ve come to enjoy.

Based on the belief that we’re not free until we livefree, Mike Reynolds, the Earthship Biotecture architect of The Phoenix earthship, has described it this way: “There’s nothing coming into this house, no power lines, no gas lines, no sewage lines coming out, no water lines coming in, no energy being used … We’re sitting on 6,000 gallons of water, growing food, sewage internalized, 70 degrees [or 21 degrees C] year-round … What these kind of houses are doing is taking every aspect of your life and putting it into your own hands … A family of four could totally survive here without having to go to the store.”

New Mexico earthship includes interior waterfall in the living room and a jungle in which you can catch fresh fish for dinner.