Ithaca New York Build – Week 3, Day 13

This is the 3rd and final week with the Earthship Biotecture crew from New Mexico and all of the wonderful apprentices.  I’m pretty sad that it will be over in a week… the camaraderie, teamwork, fun times, and the speed of our house being worked on!  I’ll try to enjoy and take in every moment this week!



Groton High School’s old bleachers… planed and trimmed! 
Taylor sends the bleachers through the saw


Then Rob planes them


Sand covering to level the master bedroom floor


lots of help packing out the stem wall/planter cell



stem wall pack-out


vapor barrier


Osmany working on the master bathroom can and bottle wall


bedroom can walls getting higher!



pantry footer


entryway to the inner-house footer


Francis working on putting mesh around the shower humidity vent cap


working on the stem wall pack out



The power organizing module (POM) in a closet in the front greenhouse


The water organizing module (WOM) get the pressure tank installed


Osmany and the can wall: “They grow so fast.”


Plywood in master bedroom 


Wood floors in master bedroom!






looking up in the greenhouse… these tubes are plumbing vents


looking through the walls into each room


pantry footer dug


polishing up the front beautiful window art



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