Day 2 with the crew and apprentices was another success.  Our town inspector came at 9am (we passed!) and the cement truck came around 10am to dump 14.5 cubic yards into our bond beam form, buttress forms, and the footer.  We also did some pack-out with the leftover cement.  After lunch (my mom served us baked ziti, caesar salad, watermelon, italian bread and butter, and brownies), a couple groups worked on finishing the tires in our wing walls, while another group chipped away and dug out the rest of our greywater planter cell.  The crew and more apprentices started bolting in the wooden forms that will hold the glass between our greenhouse and interior space.  And a very exciting part… Mike set up our doorway!

This beam will be a pillar in the house.


Footer being poured by the cement truck








Pouring into the can wall to create the bond beam


Chad evening out the wet cement in the bond beam





Phil teaching us how to place the anchor bolts into the still-wet cement


Extra cement used for pack-out


All hands on deck for pack-out





Cisterns almost completely burried



Momma about to serve lunch

Group working on wing wall


Beau preparing the short tire wall for the vaulted entryway
Chad using the cistern water (which is now flowing into the house!) to fill buckets for the cement station 



Justin and Brian at the carpentry station



Mike and apprentice Torbin preparing our main doorway









Men in the trench!


Michael and our beautiful doorway!


Beau at the fasteners station (screws, nails, etc)


happy tire wall : )


preparing to line the greywater trench






cistern water flowing into the house





Justin and Phil studying the plans


Jacob’s working on our vaulted entryway




prepping our footer for the wooden framed wall



Gary and the kubota



Doug smoothing cement




Happy Beau



barn loft view


LOTS o’ cement!









rocks for the bottom of the greywater planter



I don’t know what these are for right now…



hard work in the trench!



starting to pack-out the stem wall


The boss overlooking progress





so much going on!




pillars in greenhouse hand-peeled and sprayed with a bleach solution to keep from greying


Gary and the kubota


parking up the driveway


Beer:30… our 4:30 drink with everyone to mark the end of the workday



Tiffany and my mom