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Ithaca New York Build – Day 12

Battery box


Eight 24-volt batteries


More overflow set-ups


back entrance/patio


Lunch: soft tacos and Jon’s homemade sushi!!


Thanks Jon and Neyda!


Entrance wall getting final coat before color


Doug putting up our tile address numbers that Morgan bought us in Spain!



patio planter for vines to climb up rebar arch





one of my favorite parts of our ship : )


greenhouse hallway from the west


kitchen plumbing


family bathroom


family bathroom plumbing


bedroom #1
bedroom #1


bedroom #2
bedroom #2


master bathroom


master bedroom


master bedroom
master bathroom wall… clear bottles will be sprinkled on


back doorways


greenhouse hallway from the east

patio planter


back doorway



open kitchen/living room area


living room




cold storage pantry




Saturday night fun: HUGE thanks to friends Paul and Julie for throwing all involved with the earthship a dinner party!  The food was amazing, fun times in the pool and playing darts, and there was about an hour of human pyramid shenanigans.  What a wonderful way for us to be able to spend time all together in a non-construction setting.


Brian and Sid playing


Osmany break-dancing


Brian in a handstand


May, Mary’s daughter (an apprentice this past week), and me


pyramid fail
We never could finish the 6-base but this was pretty good!


A smaller pyramid and Brian’s about to do a handstand on top!


Female pyramid



we rock : )



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