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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern comes to New Mexico where the frontier spirit can still be found, even when it comes to the food!

Earthships on Bizarre FoodsAndrew goes out hunting buffalo on horseback and learns to roast prairie dogs with members of a Pueblo tribe, but he also meets modern day pioneers living inside futuristic homes that produce fresh ingredients for every meal.

From fresh buffalo sliced buffalo heart, to menudo made the old fashioned way, to a matanza celebration featuring blood pudding and fried pig skin, Andrew explores the many layers of flavors from the past and present that can be found in this southwestern state!


Andrew visits a community on the outskirts of Taos, NM, that has self-sustaining homes known as earthships. The homes are made of recycled materials and contain their own power and water. The residents grow fruits and vegetables inside their homes. – Private Residence, Taos, NM


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Earthships on Bizarre Foods

 Andrew Zimmerman (host of Bizarre Foods) shares his Top 15 for New Mexico.
Andrew’s favorite moments from New Mexico include eating a green chili burger.
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Coverage in the Santa Fe New Mexican