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Earthship sets sail in Huntington, Vermont

HUNTINGTON — “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is more than an old proverb for Amitava Biswas. It is literally the foundation of a new ultra-green home that he and his wife, Phetcharat Saelim, are building into the side of a hill in rustic Huntington.


THE EARTHSHIP, A home being built in Huntington, is nestled into a berm to maximize its energy efficiency and will generate all of its own heat and electricity needs — except for a small amount from the grid to power a Jacuzzi. Independent photo/John Flowers

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Earthships on the Travel Channel, Monday July 30th!

9pm eastern | 8pm central

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern comes to New Mexico where the frontier spirit can still be found, even when it comes to the food!

Earthships on Bizarre FoodsAndrew goes out hunting buffalo on horseback and learns to roast prairie dogs with members of a Pueblo tribe, but he also meets modern day pioneers living inside futuristic homes that produce fresh ingredients for every meal.

From fresh buffalo sliced buffalo heart, to menudo made the old fashioned way, to a matanza celebration featuring blood pudding and fried pig skin, Andrew explores the many layers of flavors from the past and present that can be found in this southwestern state!

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Earthships and Mercedes

Justin Bell and the new Mercedes GL450 at the Earthship community in NM…for some reason!

During a recent trip to New Mexico for the filming of WFCS Season II we came across the worlds largest sustainable community…..and we looked appropriately out of place…!

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Earthships – The Smithsonian Channel

In an unwelcome environment, building an eco-friendly house is a major challenge. But architect Mike Reynolds thinks he’s found a design solution in his innovative “Earthships.”

Watch the video at the

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Freeville Earthship Build Course

Help Preston and Celina get to New York state to attend the Freeville Earthship Build Course with inventor Michael Reynolds.

Hi- we are Preston Turner and Celina Halingten, a couple who are seriously passionate about sustainable living. So passionate that for the last 3 years we have been trying to get into one of the sustainable home building internship classes put on by Micheal Reynolds, inventor of Earthship Biotecture (

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Earthship Biotecture coverage from the Netherlands

Josiah and Xavier tell about our Earthship to Dutch viewing audience

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Desert Solitaire | Community As Sacred Geometry

The expectations I brought with me to Earthship Biotecture were that I would walk away with experiences, skills, new friends, and knew that I would have no idea as to how this journey would affect my life. My goal was to set out to do the best I could, and to see what nourishes me.

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Earthship Biotecture on Al Jazeera

Once considered a marginal eccentric, Reynolds is today seen as something of a green visionary, attracting architects, designers and builders who come to New Mexico to learn how to construct an earthship. Over a thousand have been built around the world, from Australia to Haiti to Southern England. earthrise visits the original earthship community in New Mexico to meet the big thinker behind the experimental homes.

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The Earthship and MMRF

This post is about two projects in Belize we visited. Both are farms in the jungle, designed to be ecological,  their systems can support the symbiosis of species, generate less and recycle more waste.

Both project are open to volunteers and students. Please check the bottom of the page for contact.

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Silver Lake to construct green structure

By DANNY ADLER Staff writer

A new structure at Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol Township will be built with recycled products. It will heat and cool itself. It will gather its own water.

And nature center officials are stoked.

Not only will the new Watershed Education Building, or WEB, teach visitors about the local watershed, it will serve as a tool to educate people about sustainable living, said Lorraine Skala, the nature center’s education director and assistant naturalist.

Its walls will be made of used tires filled with soil, and then surrounded by a grass berm. The water in the building will come from rain water that is filtered and reused, Skala said. Also, the building will feature solar panels, which are being donated.

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