Ever since I watched the first Pippi Longstocking movie I knew that I loved a house that is not normal.

She lives in a villa that in English is called ‘Villa Villekulla’, not just an awesome house on the outside, but just as fresh and authentic on the inside.

The furniture is unique, all with wonderfull playfull but natural -lovingly made – details, all made for actual using.
And the way that Pippi makes use of the house was great too; sliding down bannisters, climbing the roof, horse on the porch, monkey as companion.


And since Pippi has no parents, there are no rules! Woohoo!

Playing tag all over the furniture, hot air ballooning from the balcony, feeding the mouse that lives in the kitchen…living in that house seemed one big adventure, and I wanted that.

I still want that.


Ofcourse growing up, and growing up in The Netherlands, one of the most densly populated countries in the world, you soon realise that for a house like that, you need serious, very serious money, and i’m afraid I don’t have a serious bone in my body. (well…maby one or two)
Most people in my generation know imediatly what is meant by ‘a Pippi house’, it doest have to be the whole thing, even just elements of it, the carving, the couloring. It has to do with having a mind of your own, making offbeat choises, originality and sheer freedom.

While growing up in our terracedhouse-boring-please-be-normal country, where all fantasy is ruled and regulated out of all building, I kept having this feeling that this is not the way people were supposed to live. Boxed up and squared away.

But my search and urge was always confined to the houses in movies; the castles of the Christopher Lee Dracula movies, the awesome Adams Family home, the deserthouse on Tatooine in Star Wars and on a more contemporary note, the James Bond houses and exorbitant and creative livings.

From more recent movies, the Spiderwick Cronicals (the one on the left) old house, pefectly situated in the forrest.


Its not just the exterior, also the kinda dark dusty rooms, hiding places, food elevator and squeeky floorboards…love it.
Hm…I might have developed a thing for haunted houses huh?

But again..totally over budget, and it makes me hear the voices of my parents too. My dad’s saying; ”can you imagine the gasbill for a house like that”..or like my mom would point out: ” thats a lot of vacuuming” ..kinda puts a damper on it, since I am not a great housekeeper..in the traditional sense. (or any other i’m afraid)

So I grew up, still living in these very functional, space-economic but oh so boring rowhouses, dreaming of castles with great halls and magnificant staircases, or complete fantasyhouses with arched doorways and no doors, sand on the floor and fully planted windowsills, stainglass windows and tactile rounded edged everywhere.

Then a few years ago I went to see the eagerly awaited ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies and like everyone (with a pulse) I too fell totally in love with the beautifull house of Frodo, the Hobbithouse. So friendly, warm, round, so almost organic..who would not want to live like that?

Hm..well, my husband actually would not. Not on that scale, since he is realy tall..but hey, we can scale it up! Living in a house that would accomodate for his length would even make me féél like a hobbit! So…we could do that…now all we have to do is find a Shire of our own!

Good luck on that one in a country the size of a stamp where every square inch is cultivated!

Surfing the internet to satisfy my dreamliving, I one day stumbeled upon a site that was about earthships.

Now thát was something else, I fell in love at first sight..thinking i had stumbeled upon yet another spectacular filmset, I set out to find out more.

I  actually teared up, and still do when I found out that this was real.

And not only was it real, it was even obtainable for regular people!

I was mesmerised.

Still am.

earthship composite

The colours, the shapes, the materials, the roundness…the joy!

Its a good thing that you readers know what I am talking about, because how do you explain an Earthship without it sounding really odd?

I love the way they look, the ingenuity, the taking in account the enviroment, the going off-grid, the detail..

Its totally awesome, its magical, its freedom.

Thank you Michael Reynolds, I love what you gave the world.

Inge Astrid