by MJB

Hey all,
(Pictures courtesy of Nick Corniea)

Here’s the latest update from the Rumble in the Jungle.  You’ll see our workforce, 7 Mayan Machines 18-61 yo. (Raul, Dick, Sessario, Benito, Darius, Rudolfo, Barfilio), a earthship apprentice (Nick; MN), 2 WWOOFers (Kayla & Alex; NY and the clients (Alisa & Richard).  Working steady, and live for the 10:30 a.m. fresh coconut break.  Great interest, brewing from international ex-pats.


Unfortunately, we waited t0o long to pick up the K’iche’ language, maybe next time.  Were able to attend the Mayan Day celebration and they celebrated with a deer dance, similar to the Taos Pueblo although much hotter. (It’s a wet hot, unlike Taos).

I think my computer will short out as the sweat runs endlessly, even though we have acclimated.  Made a trip to Punta Gordo today, and got to withness a real power black-out!  Doesn’t seem to have much effect on the locals (nor us).

One more week and we’ll head home and then????????

All the best.