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Plants in our Earthship Community

What plants do we have in our Earthships here on the Community?

Here is a sample list of some that are growing in the offices that are low maintenance and hearty:

1. Geraniums
2. Jade plant
3. Wandering Jew
4. Aloe

In the rentals beauty and low maintenance are desirable:

1. Scented geranium
2. Pink and purple Bougainvillea
3. Banana Tree

The Phoenix and the new Visitor Center.
are where Heather and Michelle are concentrating more on food production:

1. Tomato and squash
2. Chard and lettuces
3. herbs and peppers
just to name a few…

Food production should be grown in one area of your planter so that when their cycle has ended, you may pull them and re-plant without pulling up everything in your house as some long term plants are required to keep your Earthships water system in good working order.

Happy Spring!



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