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New York City Earthship: Lower East Side: Hot Water

Ken Ruck | Earthship New York City
(This is a bottom line presentation – support data available on request)

Hot Water

Hot water will be provided for domestic use, for roof melting use and for back up heating use.

Glycol heat collection panels will be mounted in the middle of the lines of photovoltaic panels with the same multiseasonal collection concept. EXHIBIT K

These panels will need to be serviced with super insulated pipes and pumps sized for the five story rise in height.


One set will be for domestic hot water. One set will be for part time roof/gutter melt and domestic hot water and one set will be for partime warm floor and domestic hot water.

Two insulated storage and exchange tanks will be in the garage. EXHIBIT K & L
Both of these tanks will go for domestic use when snow melt and warm floor heating is not necessary.

One insulated strage tank will be in a closet in the greenhouse under ground level that works in conjunction with an ‘on demand’ gas hot water heater. If the solar hot water is not hot enough, the gas demand units fires up for on demand heating of water. This will be the domestic hot water. EXHIBIT K & M

The snow melt system is to keep ice from cloging the gutters to make sure water is collected from snow melt in the winter. The glycol is ciruculated by a small solar pump that runs whenever there is sun to bring hot glycol to strategic places in the roof drainage system to cause water flow in the winter.

The warm floor system works in a similar way bring hot water to pipes in certain strategic floors to auxillerate heating in certain parts of the very well insulated and buffered mass lined living spaces.

All pumps are solar powered and quite small and all run independant of the house energy demands so they do not have the possibility of bringing down the house power.

These systems are all in place and working in various Earthship buildings in the test community in Taos, New Mexico.


Water | Hot Water | Electricity

Sewage: Greywater | Sewage: Blackwater

Venting, Cooling & Heating | Structure



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