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(This is a bottom line presentation – support data available on request)

Sewage: – Black Water

Black Water is the toilet and kitchen sink because both have solid matter which is dealt with differently than Grey Water.

Black Water is collected up with conventional drainage lines on both floors and delivered to a conventional septic tank arrangement in the yard on the west side of the building. EXHIBIT H

The underground level is below the yard so a pump station/tank will be used to transform and deliver Black Water to the conventional septic tank in the yard.


Both floors’ Black Water will arrive at the conventional septic tank where an anarobic
activity will take place transforming the solids to liquids. EXHIBIT H

The performance of this septic tank will be enhanced in the winter with solar windows to
admit heat gain to the tank and insulation from the surrounding cold ground. The objective here is to keep the tank at optimum temperatures for the anaroobic activity to take place.

New York City Earthship

The effluent from the septic tank will flow into a series of Black Water botanical cells
constructed much like the interior Grey Water botanical cells. These cells will be sized to use up (via oxygenation and transpiration) the volume of Back Water running into them. Take note that it is only half of what is normally put into a septic tank in a normal home due to the fact that half is already used up inside with the Grey Water system and the resulting flushing.

Grey Water over flow (if it occurs) will also be directed into these exterior botanical cells.

New York City Earthship

If these cells get over loaded, the liquid will have a built in over flow to the municipal mains. This provides esentially a conventional sewage system running in to the mains, however, it provides for the preliminary use of the sewage for plant transpiration and oxygenation before it gets to the mains. The result is a minimum (if any) flow into the mains and that material itself would already be somewhat cleaned up.

The surface of the Black Water botanical cells must be sloped so that rain water will run off and not be allowed to soak into the cell itself as it needs to have all of its volume
for containing and using the Black Water.


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