by Michael Reynolds…

The EB intern program is aimed at both sharing what we have learned in forty years in the trenches of the green movement and looking for possible recruits to help us. We are in effect building an earth army. It is working. No revolution has ever been beautifully organized. They are all “down and dirty”, “shoot from the hip” kind of operations. In fact no government has ever been beautifully organized even though they try to provide the image that they are. Well, we at EB are not even trying to provide the image of immaculate organization or management. We are and have been a “down and dirty”, “shoot from the hip” movement. Given this true confession…

we are making headway. We are infecting the rest of the world and reinfecting ourselves. We are far from perfect but there is not much else around in terms of an organization that is willing to run directly into the face of adversity in an effort to change/improve the course of human life on this planet. There is a lot wrong with the way we try to do things right.

We recently came from a successful effort in Haiti. We slept in tents with ants crawling on our heads while we attempted to get some rest after working in sweltering heat and humidity all day. My team was vomiting and shitting themselves while I was working with twenty-five Haitians of all ages to make an imperfect building happen… and my arm was in a sling from recent rotator cuff surgery. We were using compost toilets so full that your ass dragged in the shit of whoever used the toilet before you until we got our little bucket flush unit working and then people were waiting in line to use it.

We even more recently came back from Sierra Leone where we slept thirty people in a concrete bunker house so hot that it felt like we were being cooked all night while miniature centipedes crawled on us until the morning came. We had two bucket flush toilets with no water to flush most of the time so you can imagine the stacked up situation we had there. Again… this… until we got our little bucket flush toilet set up in the school we were building which will always have water to flush into a well thought out botanical sewage treatment system that could change the entire third world sanitation situation.

In recent years we have fought the law, joined the law and been raped by the law. Now we are simply trying to evolve beyond the law. We have been whipped by the past economy and struggled with the existing economy and now we are simply trying to evolve beyond economy.

We share this information so interns that apply for our intern program will know what we are trying to do, but moreover they will know what we have to go through to do it. This program is not meant to impress you and coddle you. This program is meant to look straight in the eye of what it is going to take to stop the destruction of our planet and improve the course of humanity. If that interests you, then welcome aboard.

What will you be doing while in the EB intern program?
You will helping us do whatever it takes to keep exploring, keep learning, and keep on keeping on.


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