Why do you think people are finally taking a greater interest in Biotecture?

The world is changing faster and faster. Things are breaking, the world’s infrastructure is faltering. People are waking up to this. At the same time, “green stuff” is becoming more and more popular. People are looking for answers and when they see ONE of the answers in Earthships, they identify with it, make a personal connection with it and realize the effectiveness it has AND that they can do this themselves. They realize that Earthship Biotecture puts housing back into the hands of the people.

In the past what do you think has held people back from conceptualising and implementing more environmentally sensitive designs?

It has held people back in the past and in the present. Its fear of change, its fear of choice. People have been conditioned to have the choice made for them. They don’t realize that all they really have to do is simply CHOOSE to live this way and implement sustainable designs, etc. It is fear.

What do we need to change in our mindsets for more environmentally sustainable structures to take form?

Realize that all we have to fear is fear itself. We must find the courage to choose and find the courage to work together, to take care of each other. To have respect and honor for all things. Then sustainability will simply happen as a result of that.

Can you define for me what you call an ‘Earthship’?

A radically sustainable building that adheres to these principles…
Electricity: from sun and wind.
Water: from rain and snow.
Sewage:sanitary treatment.
Heating & Cooling: from sun and earth.
Food: grow inside and outside.
Building with Natural and Recyled Materials


How do you get people to move from concepts of ‘media rooms’ and 3 bathrooms back to a smaller architectural footprint?

An emergency, a slap in the face… a disaster. It seems that humanity only changes when there is an emergency. If humanity can be wise enough to make the SIMPLE choice and understand the implications of a media room and three bathrooms when MILLIONS of people have that, then we CAN change. This choice however, is highly unlikely.

It is difficult to show people a solution when they refuse to understand there is a problem.

Also, money and economics CANNOT be a driving factor in all of this. People must let go of MONEY as the center of all things. That is the illusion.

Do you think there is something of a personal agenda that people have tied up in their housing? Do big houses really make people happy?

People assume big houses will make them happy because that is what they are programmed to believe. It is part EGO, to have the better and bigger house. When a person or family has a “simple survival” house that is still super comfortable and in the form of an Earthship or something like it, they are free and really have so much more than the person or family with the BIG house. If people dropped the personal agenda and chose a home based on what they really simply need, they will be happier, comfortable and above all else, they will be FREE.

What inspired you to take such an unconventional route? There’s big money to be made designing McMansions!

Inspiration is not found in money or the accumulation of wealth, that is the illusion. That illusion dropped a long time ago when I realized I can live in absolute freedom from ANYTHING else. I chose to share that with as many people as I could, therefore I have pursued this concept of sharing this THING I have found, this wonderful, amazing thing called the Earthship that continues to evolve and become better. It will always evolve as life continues to evolve.

What new technolgies have come on board that you think will revolutionize the way we live?

There are many new techs that are going to affect the way we live. New methods of thinking will revolutionize the way we live.

I have never understood why we don’t share our neighborhood resources more like instead of 10 swimming pools, 1 in the middle of a neighborhood…or shared vegie patch..do you think these more ‘hippy’ communal values will ever be able to compete with the individual and our need to delineate what is ‘ours’?

They do compete, they are competing, but adding stereotypical terms like “hippy” doesn’t help. This only makes “sharing” and “communal” terms seem “dirty”. We must realize the indigenous peoples around the world were right, we don’t really own anything. When we realize that, sharing becomes a given.

People tend to build with the idea of investment. It’s about what it will sell for. Do you think this is a problem when it comes to design? Do we need to think more about the concept of ‘home’?

As we are traveling the world, we see many things. We see new, modern buildings next to really old churches and beautifully crafted buildings. This ‘old way’ of building is not around any more. This is because money was not the driving factor back then. Money is the problem, accumulation of wealth is the problem. Most of humanity has been successfully conditioned to accumulate and hoard. We must unlearn what we have learned and seek knowledge and wisdom from our elders, from indigenous peoples around the world. Yes, we absolutely must fundamentally change the way we think about the concept of a home.

What would you like to see change in community and government in the way we build our homes?

The built environment dictates fundamental tendencies to the way we live on this planet. When humanity understand this, then changes can occur. Government has a lot of power and wealth… however, the people have so much more power and wealth. When the people realize this, we can force the government to change the way in which it governs the people. We would like to see the government make a priority to classify basic, sustainable housing as a fundamental right of every human being on the planet. Leave no human behind. Humanity can do this AND protect the earth and enhance the earth. We really have no idea what we are capable of. When we get back to the basics and share and understand that we are all together in this, we are all in the same boat… from the butterfly to the richest person / corporation – then we can make big changes – then our communities and our governments will make changes and provide proper rights to the people so humanity can get on with evolving and flourishing. These basic rights cannot be governed by money or profit. A basic, sustainable shelter for every human is easily attainable. We simply have to choose to do this.

What should we expect for the Earthship Seminar in Bangalow? (earthship.com/australia)

shock and awe.

a good time and the potential to change your life…. for the MUCH better.