Give back in Guatemala. Help support a Mayan mom and her five kids.

On April 3 the Earthship team, led by Phil Baseheart, will break ground on the Adbongo project in the Guatemala highlands. The team consists of expert builders from Taos, a Guatemalan builder and his workers, and Adbongo’s own group.


“I’m ecstatic to start this construction,” says Adbongo founder, John Bush. “We’re honored that the talented Earthship representatives will be there to lead the way.”


Invented by “biotect” Michael Reynolds, earthships are radically sustainable buildings that produce their own electricity, grow food and collect and clean rain and grey water for use on the property. Adbongo’s earthship will serve as the Central American headquarters for their cause incubation business.





Pictures from the recent project in Guatemala:
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The timing couldn’t be better considering Adbongo added its first international client to the incubator roster yesterday. This Guatemalan client, Afretlain, is a nonprofit developed by an indigenous Mayan with a vision to create a healthy, abundant, sustainable and safe society which offers intellectual and spiritual education to participants in the community.


Adbongo’s mission as a cause business incubator is to act as an economic engine for entrepreneurial ecosystems. By applying permaculture principles, Adbongo provides organic business development to new and existing businesses that contributes to the health of society and the earth. For more information about how to contribute to the social and environmental causes Adbongo is incubating such as Afretlain and Project Eden, please contact Vice President, Lance Abney, at


Contact: Kimbriel Dean