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My First Week Experiencing Earthships: 1994

The full moon is rising over the mountains to the east, bright and fat and every pine tree along the ridge is silhouetted by the moon in sharp detail like black paper cutouts.  I’m sitting out side under an archway made of empty aluminum cans and cement.  The ends of the cans shine, silvery coins, with moonlight.

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Earthship Ironbank in Australia

Hello Earthship People!

Jonah Reynolds has been very kind to setup this Blog for me… to share my experience of building an Earthship in Adelaide, Australia.

We started construction in July 2009 when Michael Reynolds was giving a public lecture in Adelaide (which was totally booked out with over 400 people in attendance). We pounded about 60 tyres in three hours with help from 25 people – mainly architecture students.

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Growing food in black water planters for the Earthship homeowner

Spring 2011 I had sown too many seeds to plant in the indoor grey water planters and the suspended food growing buckets. Being a plant lover I could not let the extra starts die, so I planted them in the only other place they would be able to grow out here on the High Desert Mesa, the Visitors Center black water planter. The black water planter is a contained out door botanical cell located between the septic tank and the leach field. Here, black water planters usually have cold hardy ornamentals such as red willows, cold hardy fruit trees such as winter pear and apple, and wild flowers growing, providing a habitat and food source for wild birds and small animals out here on the Mesa.

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An artist who does one of a kind photographs on tin

Robyn is an artist documenting the collapse of America’s economy with a focus on those who are rebuilding life within it. I had only been in contact with Robyn through email when she pulled in to the driveway. She arrived in her pseudo housing/diesel jetta in which she has been not only traveling through the country in, but also using as her developing studio. She showed me a box full of portraits of people who have managed to surpass the decaying infrastructure with a grassroots spirit.

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Occupy Earthships

How do you explain to people what an alternative is when they do not understand the status quo?  Stick-frame housing build with no consideration of the surrounding environment, relying on pumped in water, heat, air conditioning, electricity and pumping out its own waste at rate the municipal systems are not able to deal with.  This model for housing is horribly outdated and can and will fail at any time from interruptions in the grid, shortages of fuel….

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New Earthship Education Facility: Displays Underway

The New Earthship Education Facility funded with generous capital outlay from the State of New Mexico, with the help of Representative Bobby Gonazales and Governor Bill Richardson, is nearing completion.  Doors are being hung on the bathrooms, the black water cell is being dug outside and shelving for merchandise is being installed.

Earthship Educational Facility

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Earthship Academy: Dinner by Candlelight

Went to the Academy last night to pick up stuff for the seminar.
Ended up eating dinner with everyone. Took a couple pix but want to go back some evening with my bigger camera at sunset. The students are an amazing group of people. We ate a homemade vegetarian meal by candlelight. They have the big candelabra and candle chandelier going.
It was beautiful…we talked and laughed and I felt so lucky to be with them.



earthship school

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Earthship Visit: Vista Grande High School

We got a chance to give the new Earthship Education Facility a little trial run this morning as part of a 3 hour scheduled tour for Vista Grande High School, a local Taos charter school.

earthship visitI set up a temporary screen (read white sheet) in what will be the screening room of the new Earthship Education Facility and showed some slides.  Sean and Hillary took the 60 kids through the vintange Visitor Center, around the EVE project, through the Studio rental, a one bedroom Global Earthship, the Corner Cottage Earthship, the Euro Earthship and the Phoenix.

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New Global Earthship Underway at Greater World

Gorgeous sunny weather prevailed on Day 2 of construction on a brand new Global Model Earthship at the Greater World Earthship Community.

global earthship

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From now until eternity

Every decision made on this planet

By any jurisdiction


Should be made

With all the peoples

And all the animals

And all the plants

In mind

Michael Reynolds