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New York City Earthship: Lower East Side

New York Earthship

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Earthship for the Lower East Side:
Schematic Development of Systems

The structure of this building consists of three parts – the TWO STORY LIVING QUARTERS; the SIX STORY CONCRETE MECHANICAL SYSTEMS FRAME and the ANGLED STEEL ROOF CAP of the concrete post and beam strucutre. All are independent structures detailed together for weather reasons.

Water | Hot Water | Electricity

Sewage: Greywater | Sewage: Blackwater

Venting, Cooling & Heating | Structure



Earthship Build in Adams, NY
LORRAINE — A family from this town has put the rubber to the road on an energy-efficient home constructed primarily of recycled car tires.

August 13-31, 2012
Freeville, New York Earthship.
Three bedroom, two bath Earthship Build Opportunity. Join the Earthship Team in Freeville, New York and learn how to build an Earthship.
Where: Freeville, New York
Space is limited!

April 22, 2011 7pm – 9pm (est)
New York Evening Seminar with Jonah Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture. (FREE) Presenting current projects and an overview of Earthship Biotecture. 
Where: 55 Washington St. Ste 712 Brooklyn, NY 11201
Space is limited!
Register at now.

April 23, 2011 12pm (est)
Jonah Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture at Enviromedia Mobile at Brooklyn Earth Day celebration at IKEA Erie Basin Park.
Click for Details:

March 7, 2011
Presentation of preliminary plans for sustainable building project at 61 Pitt St and request for support.



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This is a bottom line presentation – support data available on request.
Send an email to or
call us at offices at 575-751-0462

New York Earthship


New York Earthship





New York Earthship



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