The Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol, Pennsylvania, will build an Earthship!

The Earthship is Coming! Bristol, PA, USA

Brace yourself for one of the hottest building designs ever – a carbon zero home! Imagine a structure that is built with recycled products, heats and cools itself, gathers its own water, recycles its own waste, and produces food. All this is possible with an Earthship. The Nature Center will be constructing its own Earthship based on designs by architect Michael Reynolds also known as the ‘Garbage Warrior’. He’s been building these structures for 40 years. So why haven’t we heard of them before? Well for one, they look different and people are slow to change. For another, they are different and haven’t exactly matched up with existing codes and regulations. This is changing as the need to reduce the planet’s carbon foot print becomes more critical. Many architects and engineers are becoming very familiar with new designs and materials and one day we may see more of these buildings. For now the only place in this part of the country where you can see one will be at Silver Lake Nature Center. For more information, go to