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Q & A: Michael Reynolds Earthship Architect

Contributed by Mike Kitts
LONDON, England (CNN) — CNN caught up with Michael Reynolds, “biotect” of Earthships, in Taos, New Mexico.

What are your hopes for the future of Earthships?
It started off as individual homes, now we have two or three communities going. I hope to see in my lifetime to see towns and cities built this way. If you’re a huge developer and you want to build a small town you have to put in millions of dollars of infrastructure before you begin.

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One Man’s Trash. . .


– Interview with Michael Reynolds by Aleksandr Bierig


Soon after Mike Reynolds graduated from architecture school in 1969, he disregarded much of what he had been taught and began a 30-year practice of building “earthships”—off-the-grid dwellings built from what the rest of society deems garbage (discarded cans, bottles, and tires, among other items). His radical and unusual structures have received resistance from zoning and code legislations, spurring a continuing struggle to change the building permit process.


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