Malawi Second Hit

12-24 January 2015

We are looking for 40 volunteers to finish the community center in Kapita, Malawi. In the last hit in October 2013, three and a half rooms were built as well as the foundations for the rest of the building laid out. The current rooms are already being used as a bank and for storage.

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The local community is now busy completing all the tire work for the building before the next hit and in January 2015 an Earthship crew plus 40 volunteers will return to Kapita to continue finishing the building.

The fee to participate in the Malawi build will be $1,000 USD and this money will entirely go to cover the costs of production and materials. We are also fundraising and need as much help as possible in order to be able to finish the building and give Kapita its own community center, providing elements that are vital to the community┬┤s existence.

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To sign up to be a student for the Malawi project in January 2015 please pay your fee by going to and clicking on the Malawi button.
For further questions or queries fill out this form and to stay updated.

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KAPITA EARTHSHIP, an eco-building in "The Warm Heart of Africa" from KLAR on Vimeo.

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