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    Hi all, I'm currently reasonably young (early 20's), however I'm bound by both delight and necessity to build and live in an earthship. Thankfully, I was introduced to them early enough in my life to plan and hopefully make one a reality! Usually, if i have time, I am always open to volunteer for anything earthship related, I realize how difficult the building process is, so anything I can do to help, If you're close by, I would absolutely love to help!

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Monday, 24 March 2014 20:31
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4 months ago
  • Renatomd created a new topic ' Self-built Custom homes' in the forum.
    Hi! so building an earthship can get very expensive. So after designing and drawing the floor plans, has anyone built one with only a few people, perhaps 3-6? Whats the recommended amount of people building, and how long does it take on average? For a large house it seams a particularly harrowing task, however, if it's done this way, living in an earthsihp might finally be a possible!

    4 months ago
  • Renatomd created a new topic ' ETA for academy course completion' in the forum.
    Hi there! I'm interested in doing the academy, however I only have a summer's worth of time to allocate to the process (Currently a college student), anyone know if people complete the course before then?

    4 months ago
  • Renatomd created a new topic ' Volunteers Needed/Available' in the forum.
    Hi all!! This thread is set up to let people know where volunteers are, and where people who need volunteers in the process of building their earthship!

    If anyone needs help within around an hour of Bloomington IL, just let me know!! Depending on the time of year, I should be available!
    4 months ago

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