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TOPIC: Earthship housing coops

Earthship housing coops 2 years 9 months ago #3649

That sounds like such an exciting plan! My family and I are thinking of doing the same, leaving Rhode Island to move out west where attitudes are more progressive. Have you thought about building a tiny home to live in while you save up to buy a house at Greater World? That is a part of our plan. If we all want to follow our dreams of living with sustainability, it will be much easier to do if most of us are in close proximity. Taos is the Mecca! Is there anywhere on the internet where we can follow your journey? It would be great if you could share some things you learn along the way, as we (and I'm sure a lot others) will be making a similar journey. I wish you the best of luck and my team would be willing to help you in any way to ease your transition. My email is ShaneM49@hotmailDOTCOM and you can also find my team at www.wickedsmahtsolutions.com and on facebook!
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Earthship housing coops 2 years 9 months ago #3648

Hi Rob, me and a few members of my family and some friends would love to assist you with any of the process of making an earthship co-op in MA a reality. We have attended a conference with Mike Reynolds, a building demonstration with Jonah, and we plan to attend the academy in Taos in June, as well as volunteer for other projects in our area. We are from Rhode Island. We are passionate about bringing this building concept mainstream and available to all. You can email me anytime at ShaneM49@hotmailDOTCOM and you can find out more information on what we're doing at www.wickedsmahtsolutions.com ! Thank you for having an interest in humanity and mother earth!

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Earthship housing coops 2 years 9 months ago #3647

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You are absolutely correct. Earthships are ideal for a community, especially in an area that receives so much intense weather. The Earthships would remain warm, with power and water. Strong against the storms and strong for the people.

To create a community of Earthships, you just need to locate land and a small group of people interested in the idea. Then meet about it, how to acquire the land. Then we would become involved and guide you through the process of forming a community and buildings the homes in the community. Both the people creating the community and people from all over the area and world would become involved to help make this happen and they too learn how to do this by their participation.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Earthship housing coops 2 years 9 months ago #3646

I wish you well as you relocate. I have found online several builders of energy-independent homes and one company that uses greywater systems for plants (possibly outdoor plants). Maybe earthen homes aren't popular in New England, though I suspect that other features of Earthship homes would be, such as having an energy-independent home with solar electricity and year-round food production in a greenhouse with greywater and rooftop catching of rain and snow melt. I wish other designs were available with all of these features, especially in prefabricated homes that could help reduce costs. Maybe shared land in a little condo or coop village of homes could also help to lower costs. I'd like to see an Earthship-like home become available that residents anywhere in New England (not just rural areas) could live in at affordable rates (standard marketplace monthly rents or lower). Could Earthship Biotecture develop a prefabricated variation on its Earthship model, even if with different building materials?
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Earthship housing coops 2 years 10 months ago #3645

My family live in southern CT. We looked all over New England at green housing co-ops. In the end, we just couldn't afford to live out that dream here. So we are selling our traditional home and moving to Taos, NM. Our plan is to rent a place for a few years then buy a small home at Greater World. It will be really sad to leave our New England friends and family but it was the only way we could make our dreams work. I'm excited for our home to sell so we can get out there and start building a whole new network of friends.
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Earthship housing coops 2 years 10 months ago #3642

I live in Worcester, Massachusetts and would love to see an Earthship housing cooperative develop in central Massachusetts, and hope that such might not be helpful not only personally but also to others, especially those who may be economically disadvantaged.
I would like to see housing coops of this kind develop in order to facilitate the construction of more and more safe, sustainable, ecologically-friendly homes at affordable prices, so that someday thousands of Earthships might be available throughout New England.
At this time, our region is woefully unprepared for even an ice storm knocking out the electrical grid for even a week, let alone a more serious crisis in which electricity and electrical heat became unavailable for a much longer duration. But Earthships could allow those of us in climates with challenging winters to live in homes with habitable temperatures and supplies of food year-round, independent of what storms might come.
Might you have any suggestions as to how an Earthship housing coop might get started, especially in New England?
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